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Frequently Asked Questions

The hours purchased never expire. They can be concentrated into a week or two to prepare for an upcoming test, they can be spread out over a number of weeks to encourage ongoing study in one subject, they can be used for more than one subject concurrently, or they can be transferred to another family member and used for any subject. You determine how we can best serve you, your student, and your family.

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Once paid for, do my tutoring sessions expire?

Contact The Master Tutor to set up a FREE in-home consultation with you and your student. We will come to your home, at a time that is convenient for you, and discuss and identify any opportunities for improvement. From our consultation, we will find a tutor who is a great match and design a tutoring program that is personalized for your student's individual needs.

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How does The Master Tutor work?

You can get help with anything you need help with! The Master Tutor works with students of all ages, all grade levels, and all subjects. Our tutors are experienced in every subject from learning shapes and numbers to algebra and geometry to teaching foreign languages, such as German and Swahili.

For a list of the subjects tutored, please see Services Offered.

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What can I get help with?
What kind of commitment do I have to make?

Each program, just as each student, is individual. Together, we craft a program to best serve the needs of your student. To be fair to all concerned, especially to your student’s educational development, everyone involved needs to know the final goal and then set a timeframe to achieve that goal. Our tutors must plan how best to address your situation and must make a commitment of their own to plan lessons geared for and working toward accomplishment and achievement.

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Your tutor will come to your home for the sessions with your student. This allows the family to continue their normal life and not have to make special trips to a learning center or a location far from home. The tutor will work with your student in safe, pleasant, and comfortable surroundings, the most effective place for learning to happen.

Where do the tutoring sessions occur?

The Master Tutor serves all students in the Capital City area.

The areas served include, but are not limited to, Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, DeWitt, Williamston, Waverly, Grand Ledge, Bath, Holt, Mason, Potterville, and Charlotte.

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What areas does The Master Tutor serve?
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Not everyone who applies to The Master Tutor makes it through the demanding qualifications process. In addition to a background check, tutors must have excellent communication skills, teaching skills, and prior teaching and/or mentoring experience.
The tutors must be friendly, caring, personable, and have the ability to develop and implement individual learning plans.

How does The Master Tutor qualify tutors?
What makes The Master Tutor unique?
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We know that to enhance the learning experience for your student, a strong rapport and good chemistry between the tutor and the student is necessary if the experience is to be a positive one. Our tutors are highly motivating, encouraging, and specifically matched to your student. We work to inspire your student, giving them the confidence and self-esteem necessary to achieve.

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